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Today's engaged couples are sophisticated consumers who want more than just digital images and lackluster wedding photography services.  One of the big trends over the past several years, was the rise in digital only photographers who will shoot your wedding and give you digital images on a flash drive.  That is all you get. Is this all you want from your wedding?  If you said no, then you are not alone.


Unlike many wedding photographers today who only offer digital products, Four 2 North wedding services are much more valuable than just digital products because we offer you luxury wedding albums, fine art prints and other art products, engagement session, consultations, photography timelines and expert editing of your digital images. We offer these services to you because your wedding day vision is important and we want you to have heirloom pieces of art to showcase the love you have for each other to pass down to the next generation.

What makes Four 2 North different from other wedding photographers?

Four 2 North Photography specializes in weddings and engagements.  We have photographed weddings in different states and abroad.  Our signature style of cinematic fine art, artistic photojournalist and classic style wedding photography is different than most other wedding photographers in the mid-west. 

  • Four 2 North receives numerous training each year with some of the best wedding photographers in the world, so that we stay on top of our game and excel where others may be complacent.

  • With each wedding comes many different lighting situations.  We are prepared to shoot in any lighting situation during any wedding so your images will look amazing.

  • We provide a photography timeline of your wedding day and are used to shooting in high pressure situations with minimal time if the day requires.

  • We believe you deserve more than just having us photograph your wedding and then giving you your digital images on a cheap flash drive.  Four 2 North studio provides you with a full service, custom wedding experience.  Offering our clients both digital images and museum quality products.

  • All of our collections include an album.  We are visual story tellers and shoot with your album in mind.  Our albums are handcrafted by artisans and use the finest material which are sourced from around the world.  These albums come with a LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY.  If you want to learn more about our handcrafted albums visit our ALBUM PAGE.

  • After your wedding is complete, we will have your images edited and ready for viewing 2 weeks from your wedding date.  After shooting a wedding most photographers will edit their own images which can take as long as six weeks or more.  We use professional editors to edit your images.  This is what they specialize in, just like we specialize in weddings and engagements. 

  • We offer signature edits of at least one of your wedding images (see signature edited image below).  We shoot creatively specifically for this edit.  Using composition, posing and lighting techniques we are able to capture an image that has a fine art cinematic look.  The Signature Edits can take as much as several hours of time to complete.  They are meant to be displayed as large artwork in your home. 

**Wedding dates are limited.  Please inquire below as early as you can after you get a date set for your wedding**

Wedding Collections

Our full service wedding collections start at $2499.  There are too many details in our collections to provide you with a bullet list.  If we are within your budget we would love to talk with you.  Schedule a complimentary consultation by filling out the form below.


We can also provide you with a custom quote if you are looking for less coverage or for destination weddings.


Contact us to Schedule a Consultation

Why we do not include full pricing on our website?

Four 2 North understands that finding the right photographer is more than just, are you available for my wedding and what does your services cost? Your wedding is your special day with unique details that deserve care throughout the process from the very beginning of the planning to you receiving your beautiful album wrapped with care in a velvet ribbon. Please remember, after your wedding day has ended, all you will have is your wedding images that your photographer(s) have taken along with the art products and your album that has been created.

While looking at all of the choices you can definitely feel overwhelmed. You are looking at style, 1 or 2 photographers, hours of coverage, is there an album included, how many digital images are included, and so many more details. Because there is so much detail to our collections, we have chosen to list our starting collection cost and then invite you to schedule an appointment.


Four 2 North believes that having a personal connection with each of our couples is something that can only be done in person or at least over the phone. This connection is important because your photographer(s) will be spending 8 or more hours around you, your friends, family, and guests. The other reason is when you look at your images, you want to feel confident that your vision of your wedding day was documented. The only way that this will be able to happen is through communication and organization.


When we meet at our studio in Osage Beach, we will want to learn about the details that you have planned, the ones that you are working, and any struggles that you have experienced so far. We will share with you the steps that we take to handle your wedding day with care, the systems we have in place to make life easier and the process more manageable, and finally to show you samples of our museum quality albums. This is  the why of not include all of the details and full pricing on our website.

Your steps to book a wedding with us

1.  Schedule a free appointment (See above form to schedule):  We can either meet at our studio located in Osage Beach, MO in the heart of Lake of the Ozarks, or on Skype.  At the appointment we answer any questions you may have, show you our wedding albums and products we have.  We will listen to your wedding day coverage needs so that we can recommend which of our collections will fit your wedding day vision. Our focus is on providing you with the coverage you need.  We will not be pushy or try to oversell you on any of our services.  Our goal is for you to have a remarkable stress free experience.

2.  Pick a collection.  Four 2 North offers several collection to fit most wedding day budgets.  We can also customize a package for you if your wedding day does not need a full day of coverage. 

3.  Book your wedding date!  We make this easy for you to do.  First thing is to sign your contract.  You can either do that at the studio or electronically.  Then you will be sent an deposit invoice.  Once you pay that, your date will be exclusively yours!  We focus on your wedding only!  We only shoot 25 wedding per year so that we can provide those bride and grooms personalized service!

4.  The next step, is to get your engagement session date set!  Once we get closer to your wedding date we will reach out to you to schedule consultation so that we can go over a photography timeline.  This will guide us through the day to stay on track and capture those can't miss memories. Next is capturing your amazing wedding day!

Wedding Services

Albums:  Your wedding deserves to be told as a story in one of our beautiful handcrafted albums.  We have searched the globe for the best albums for you.  One that will be your legacy centerpiece for all time.  Once you choose the images you would like for your album, we will personally check them to make sure the color and exposure is correct for print.  We will then custom design your album. 


Consultation:  Your consultations with us can either be in person at our studio, by Skype or phone.  During your consultation we learn what is important to you. We will have you explain to us in detail your wedding day vision.  After our initial consultation we will craft a photographic timeline to send to you for review.  The consultation is important so we know what is important to you.  It also helps us in the creation of the album. 

Wedding Coverage by 2 Photographers:  All of our weddings are covered by two photographers. With 2 photographers you will have a more complete story.  Having different angles and views of the same scene is amazing in your wedding album.  For example, while Gary is photographing the bride coming down the isle, Tracy is photographing the grooms reaction.  To get both of these shots is a must for your wedding album. One photographer can not get that brief moment in time he see's you coming down the isle at the same time you see him for the very first time.

On Line Gallery:  The online gallery of your images will be able to be shared with your family and friends so that they can order prints in a secure environment.  This saves you time from having to order their pictures for them.

Engagements:  We customize this session to your style.  We will help you pick the perfect location, whether that is in and around the Lake of the Ozarks area, mid Missouri or other destinations. We will also give you tips so that you look amazing!  Sessions are 2 hours with multiple locations and outfits.  We shoot creatively with at least one artistic signature edit. Once your engagement session is complete you will be invited back to the studio at 2 weeks to view your images.  Check out our Engagement Portfolio here.


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